The Arrival of Spring & Other Merry Things!

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! Spring is my favorite season, mostly because the weather finally starts to get less harsh (because after a while, us New Englanders start to get very sick of snow) and now we get to embrace the blossoming of all the plants and flowers! Although nothing is in full bloom just yet, and I’m still waiting for the vines on Fenwick to grow back and regain its color, the warmer weather has definitely invited the campus community to ditch the winter jackets and spend some time outside! There are countless places to work outside when it’s nice- benches are scattered all around campus and outside almost every building, and Memorial Plaza, which is located in between Fenwick and O’Kane Halls, has plenty of tables to work at as well. However, my favorite place to do work recently, which I’ve selfishly labeled as ‘my bench’ over the past week (and is the place I am sitting writing this blog post right now!) is located in the middle of the staircase leading up from Memorial Plaza to Hogan Campus Center, right above the statue of St. Thérèse of Lisieux (who happens to be my Confirmation saint, which makes it all the more special 🙂 ). The location of the bench presents a nice view of Memorial Plaza, and is located in an area that is not overly congested with students nor is completely in the sun. Here is a photo I took from the bench earlier this afternoon- you can see how the greenery hasn’t fully formed yet, but the view of the plaza is still great! (Unfortunately, though, you can’t see St. Therese from here. 🙁 )

Brick building in the distance covered in naked vines, taken from what appears to be a higher ledge with a glimpse of a computer on the bottom left corner.

This spring also welcomes the chaos surrounding enrollment for the fall semester, which, although doesn’t officially start until around April, becomes the talk of the town around campus rather quickly. Having already declared my English major and creative writing concentration, the road ahead doesn’t look too blurry in terms of figuring out what English classes I have to take, but I still have to find the ideal balance for the remaining 3 classes between taking classes I have to take for common area requirements and classes that interest me. Holy Cross places an enormous emphasis on the importance of exploring all that the College has to offer, regardless of what fits in your major, through its Jesuit philosophy of cura personalis, or care for the whole person. For me, I’m excited to take classes in religion, education, theatre and history during my time at Holy Cross, just to name a few, and although the content of these classes may not directly pertain to the English major, they will give me the skills and well-roundedness that will allow me to succeed regardless- the beauty of a Jesuit education at Holy Cross!

Thank you, as always, for reading- wishing you an awesome weekend and continued spring weather, wherever you are! See you next week!

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