Seizing the Spring Semester!

Hello everyone! After a wonderful and restful winter break, I am thrilled to be back at Holy Cross for the new semester! Even though it’s only been a few weeks, it has been such a joy to reunite with my friends and spend time together. Aside from the family dinners and movie nights, one highlight has been watching both the men’s and women’s basketball teams play (and win!) against Boston University in an electric and high-energy double header (complete with plenty of Purple Pride and an appearance from the now-viral swim team). In addition, last night, we watched the Holy Cross Department of Theatre and Dance production of Oklahoma! , which was absolutely spectacular. If you have the chance, I highly recommend you come see it at the Prior Performing Arts Center on campus – it runs through this weekend as well as the next. And of course, it isn’t winter at Holy Cross without an SGA-sponsored trip to the Worcester Common Oval for some ice skating (you may remember we did something similar last year, and it was just as fun!) and late night sledding down Freshman Field.

In terms of academics, I am pleased to report that my classes are all going well! Although Holy Cross does offer the option for students to add and/or drop a class with no mark on their transcript for the first week of the semester, I personally found no need for it. This semester, I am taking a French class for the first time since high school (to fulfill one of Holy Cross’ language requirements), and I’ve really enjoyed immersing myself with the language again and having the ability to improve my fluency at the collegiate level. 

However, a new schedule of classes means that a new period of adjustment must naturally take place. These past few weeks have been essential in my establishment of a new routine for the semester (i.e. finding convenient places to study and coordinating meal times with friends) while also keeping up with my extracurricular involvements from last semester. For example, the Holy Cross Dance Ensemble has been working tirelessly to ensure that our dances are as clean as they can be for our benefit performance next Friday. For this performance, the musical theatre class and I are dancing to two songs – “Dancing Through Life” and “Seize the Day” – and it has been a challenging yet worthwhile endeavor that is sure to shine onstage.

Finally, this semester has also welcomed back my weekly tours on campus, which have been such a great way of engaging with not only prospective students and their families, but with the campus as well. In addition to tours, prospective students can also demonstrate their interest in Holy Cross by attending online webinars that offer tips to help with the college process. On February 20th at 7pm EST, a friend of mine and I will be panelists at the webinar discussing “5 Tips to Finding the Right School” if you’re interested in attending!

Thank you as always for reading!