February Friendships Bring March in Mobile!

Hello everyone! Somehow the past month flew by and we’ve already made it to March! Here at Holy Cross, students are wrapping up the last of their assignments before they set off for spring break. Similarly to last year, I will be spending my break traveling with a group of HC students to immerse ourselves in community through Holy Cross’ Spring Break Immersion Program. This year, I will be traveling to First Light Community in Mobile, AL, to spend time with adults with and without intellectual disabilities who live together in community. However, before I take off bright and early tomorrow morning, let’s recap my February on the Hill!

As mentioned previously, this month featured the Holy Cross Dance Ensemble Benefit Performance to support Working for Worcester. Aside from the donation aspect, allowing dancers to engage with the Worcester community, what makes the benefit performance so special is that anyone is able to choreograph a dance for the performance. I was fortunate enough to be a part of two outstanding musical theatre numbers, choreographed by a friend of mine (who is an excellent dancer AND teacher!) and everyone in the entire ensemble brought their A game for the show. Performance videos are linked here if anyone is interested in watching!

Additionally, earlier this week I was able to attend the Holy Cross Orchestra & Wind Ensemble Concert, titled a Cinematic Odyssey, where they performed an amazing assortment of songs from film soundtracks (including but not limited to Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars). It is always such a joy to see the talents and accomplishments of fellow students be showcased and celebrated, and I’ve always been in awe of the support the Holy Cross community gives one another. I’ve also provided the livestream of the concert here if you’re interested.

This past weekend, I was also able to tear up the dance floor on two separate occasions. First, the sophomore class hosted a casino-themed ball (with no real gambling!) that not only supported our class but also brought us together. It was nothing short of a blast to be able to dance alongside my best friends and spend time together as if we were at senior prom again. Secondly, the Black Student Union (BSU) in collaboration with the Women’s Basketball Team hosted a Sneaker Ball, which was another great way of bringing people together to show support for the community during Black History Month. (Sneakers are also significantly more comfortable to dance in, which is much appreciated!)

Besides time spent with friends, I have also been busy thinking about how I want to spend my summer (yes, already). The Career Center, located on the second floor of Hogan Campus Center, has been an excellent resource in helping me (as well as other students) craft and polish my resume, search for internships, and prepare for interviews.

Lastly, this month has welcomed the liturgical season of Lent on campus. St. Joseph’s Memorial Chapel was filled with students and community members for a whopping four celebrations of Ash Wednesday. It was really special to see everyone embrace the new season together and later see classmates and friends bearing the cross on their foreheads. Throughout the season of Lent, I will be saying a Rosary at least two times a week, in addition to continued attendance at Mass and adoration. So far it has been going really well, and I’ve appreciated the opportunity to slow down and pray throughout the day. And of course, coming full circle to the start of this post, participation in Spring Break Immersion will invite me to practice humility (in true Jesuit fashion) during this season of Lent.

Wishing you all a safe, restful and wonderful spring break – hope the weather is warm and the experiences are blessed! Thank you for reading!

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