Preparing for the End-of-Year Goodbyes…

Hi everyone! I apologize for the recent absence in posting. It is not due to a lack of exciting things happening on the Hill, but rather an abundance, making finding the time to write it all down very tricky! Luckily, I’ve found time to sit down in Memorial Plaza as the sun shines and the spring breeze rustles the ivy growing back on Fenwick and Smith Halls as I begin to write one last entry as a freshman at Holy Cross…

The past month has been filled with tying up loose ends of all sorts. Although most of these loose ends came in the form of academic obligations, whether it be finishing up classes, turning in last assignments and taking finals (as well as the end-of-year celebratory events within my Montserrat cluster (mine is Global Society)), I was still able to make time for one last hurrah to celebrate the end of the year with friends. We celebrated both the arts and each other’s talents by attending Alternate College Theatre’s end of year Cabaret Night, the Department of Theatre and Dance‘s production of RASA, and various student recitals through the Music Department, RSOs (recognized student organizations (click here for the full list)), and even the Chaplain’s Office.

Additionally, in between lengthy study sessions in Dinand (the library’s main reading room has been my go-to study spot, but everyone has their own personal preferences as to where they can be the most productive), we made sure to enjoy the spring weather on campus through ‘floor time’ on the grass behind the greenhouse. We’d set up a blanket, lie down alongside each other, and take in the sights and sounds of a beautiful spring on the Hill while we still can. Even on my own, this was a great way to relax and unwind after a particularly long day of being in the library, or even after finishing a final (pictured below!).

Me, in a pink striped top and jean shorts, lying down on a grassy hill with a teal backpack behind me.
Time on the grass after my English final! Thankfully, the weather was beautiful that day!

And of course, it isn’t springtime at Holy Cross without the high spirits and energy of Spring Weekend as the entire student body enjoyed one last weekend together. This year, Spring Weekend, one of Holy Cross’ many traditions, featured our Spring Concert (with the Battle of the Bands and Mount St. Jams preceding it a few weeks earlier, which were awesome ways to hear live performances by some of Holy Cross’ most talented musicians), Spring Fest (a daytime carnival-esque setup with games, food and prizes), and HCGlow (a nightime neon extravaganza with light-up games, swings, and bracelets). Combined with a chaotic and memorable bowling trip with friends (expected nothing less), Spring Weekend is tough to beat!

As the semester comes to a close, I truly could not be more grateful for what Holy Cross has given me in these past nine months. With extraordinary friendships and unbelievable experiences that provided me with an incredible support system and set me up for success these next three years, it is so easy to say that I have found a home at Holy Cross this year. Though I am eager to go home and spend time with family, it will definitely be hard to say goodbye (though temporarily) to everything and everyone that makes Holy Cross what it is.

To the class of 2027– you are in for an unforgettable experience. I am SO thrilled for and proud of you all! I can’t wait to help kickstart your Holy Cross experience and welcome you into a community like no other.

And to any & all prospective students and their families– thank you for reading this blog, as always! Stay tuned for next year when this blog is back in business! And who knows? Maybe you’ll even see me giving a tour…. 🙂

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